The Nintendo Switch isn’t going out quietly

A screenshot from the video game Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD.
Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD. | Image: Nintendo

This was supposed to be the year the Nintendo Switch rode off peacefully into the sunset. After a packed 2023 that included hit Legend of Zelda and Super Mario games, the Switch had little on the calendar this year and the prospect of a successor looming. And yet, here we are after a hectic few weeks of gaming news, and Nintendo might just have the most exciting lineup for the rest of the year, besting the likes of Xbox and PlayStation.

In the Switch era, it seems the company’s greatest strength has been consistency. This likely harkens back to a seemingly boring restructure at Nintendo in which the company merged its handheld and console development teams in order to focus purely on the hybrid Switch. It certainly seems to have worked:…

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