The Access-Ability Summer Showcase featured the latest in accessible games

A screenshot from the video game Videoverse, depicting a cartoon desk with a laptop and various other knick knacks.
Videoverse. | Image: Kinmoku

Running concurrently with Summer Game Fest, the Access-Ability Summer Showcase redresses what gaming events leave out. Organized by accessibility consultant and critic Laura Kate Dale, it’s a reaction to events designed to build hype and how disabled gamers too often have to temper excitement with caution over whether revealed games will be accessible. A frustration, Dale told The Verge, driven by “the industry’s unwillingness to be open and transparent about gaming accessibility.”

Now in its second year, the showcase continues to push back against a lack of inclusive gaming events as it grows — it includes a dedicated Steam page this year. Already, developers are not only viewing it as an opportunity to show off their games, Dale said,…

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