OpenAI’s ‘Sky’ sounds a lot like ScarJo, according to voice researchers

Scarlett Johansson smiling.
Scarlett Johansson at Cannes in 2023. | Photo: Laurent Koffel / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Researchers at Arizona State University found that Scarlett Johansson’s voice does indeed sound like “Sky,” OpenAI’s currently discontinued GPT-4o voice, according to NPR, which commissioned the comparison. After using AI models developed to analyze vocal similarities to compare Sky to roughly 600 other actresses, the lab reportedly found Johansson’s voice was “more similar to Sky than 98% of the other actresses.”

But the models also “often” found that the voices of Anne Hathaway and Keri Russell resembled Sky’s more than did Johansson’s. Visar Berisha, the professor who led the analysis, told NPR that Johansson’s voice is “similar, but likely not identical.” Berisha’s other work includes OriginStory (PDF), an FTC challenge-winning…

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