Twitch is disbanding its Safety Advisory Council and will replace it with streamers

Twitch logo against a pink and purple backdrop
Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

According to a report published at CNBC, Twitch has decided to terminate the contracts of all the existing members of its Safety Advisory Council. The council received the news that Twitch would not be renewing their contracts earlier this month, and they will reportedly be terminated effective Friday, May 31st, without further pay.

The advisory council was formed in May 2020 with the goal to “enhance Twitch’s approach to issues of trust and safety.” It was made up of nine members, including Twitch streamers, moderators, and outside experts with experience studying and combating online harassment. The group assisted Twitch on the development of new safety policies and products while also acting as a liaison, able to bring the Twitch…

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