Scuf’s Nomad controller for iPhone has full-size drift-free sticks at a competitive price

The Scuf Nomad controller with an iPhone clamped into its center, on an orange background.
The stick layout almost reminds me a bit of the Steam Deck. | Image: Scuf

Corsair-owned Scuf is best known for its vividly colored, outlandishly priced esports controllers. But its new $99.99 mobile phone controller looks built more for the normies.

The Nomad is a clamp-style iPhone controller akin to a Backbone or Razer Kishi, though it features full-size, drift-free Hall effect sticks (with swappable stick toppers) that are symmetrical on the top half of the pad. Around back are two customizable rear paddles amidst the controller’s contoured and rubberized grips. If you squint, it looks a bit like a thick-boy version of the Backbone One, though the Nomad is compatible with more phone cases since it relies on Bluetooth for connectivity instead of a protruding USB-C or Lightning plug.

Scuf’s first foray into…

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