Judge doesn’t buy Google’s ‘terrifying world of chaos’ argument in Epic case

Photo illustration of a gavel casting a shadow over the Google logo
Epic and Google are back in court to argue how Google should be forced to change its Play Store business. | Illustration by Cath Virginia / The Verge

After a jury declared the Play Store an illegal monopoly in the Epic v. Google lawsuit last year, both companies faced off in court again on Thursday to decide on the specific changes Google will have to make to rectify the issue, as reported by Reuters and Wired.

Epic is hoping the court approves several remedies it had previously submitted, which Google claims are over the top and would “harm the privacy, security, and overall experience of consumers.” So all eyes are on Judge James Donato, who heard testimony on both sides and offered some hints as to how he’s leaning.

To start with, while Donato said some of the remedies Epic proposed are “open-ended and too vague,” Google will have to make changes it doesn’t like, but perhaps not as…

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