Google waves around a cashier’s check in an attempt to avoid a jury trial

An illustration of Google’s multicolor “G” logo
Illustration: The Verge

An unusual document appeared last week in the docket for the Department of Justice’s second antimonopoly lawsuit against Google. It included a photocopy of a check that Google claimed was good for the “maximum amount of damages” claimed in the case for its alleged anticompetitive actions in its ad tech business. Google said it had written the check to the Department of Justice.

Legal experts say the photocopy of a cashier’s check was definitely strange. But the DOJ took things to a weird place first. According to experts, although it might not strike a layperson as such, the DOJ’s decision to demand a jury trial is just as bizarre as, say, waving around a cashier’s check for maximum damages in an attempt to escape a jury trial.

“It is…

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