Microsoft’s new Windows chief on the future of the OS, Surface, and those annoying ads

Microsoft’s Pavan Davuluri
Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

Pavan Davuluri hasn’t even been the head of Windows for two months, but he’s already been tasked with announcing Microsoft’s transition to Arm-powered chips and its big AI-powered PC ambitions. There’s a lot riding on this moment, and Davuluri now has to lead both the Surface and Windows teams through an AI era that has the potential to upend how we use computers.

I sat down with the new Windows chief at the company’s Build developer conference this week to better understand what his vision is for Windows and Surface, whether Microsoft will still experiment with hardware, and if we should expect to see an end to the ads that are ruining the Windows experience.

Microsoft unveiled a lot of new AI features for its new Copilot Plus PCs,…

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