Panasonic wants to play Fujifilm’s filter game with the new Lumix S9

The Panasonic Lumix S9 is a new $1,500 full-frame camera that comes in four colors.

LUTs. The people want LUTs! Or at least that is what Panasonic thinks with its new $1,500 Lumix S9. The S9 is a full-frame, interchangeable lens, mirrorless camera that has most of the guts of the Lumix S5 II, but with a new slimmed-down body and a dedicated “LUT” button on the back.

The “LUT” button on the S9 is located above the articulating screen.

A LUT, which stands for “Look Up Table,” is a way to alter the color or look of an image via a mathematical formula. In the most basic terms, you can think of it as a fancy way to say “filter.” And the New Lumix S9 can internally store up to 40 different LUTs, though one is reserved for a permanent V-log to 709 LUT.

Using the new Lumix Labs app, you can make custom…

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