Airbnb entices hosts with discounted EV chargers

modern house with blue kia ev6 parked in front of garage with charge point charger Hooked up, and two people holding hands walking away from the car
A level 2 ChargePoint station might attract new guests to this Airbnb location. | Image: ChargePoint

Airbnb is partnering with ChargePoint to provide hosts a discounted option to buy, install, and manage a home EV charger that can help attract EV owners as guests.

Airbnb hosts can purchase these special EV charging packages through a new dedicated online store that offers the charging hardware, installation services, and support services, all in one place. Hosts will get up to 36 percent off the cost of select ChargePoint hardware models, with prices starting at $399. There’s also discounts on other stations, and $100 off on installation services through the site.

The first 1,000 hosts to buy a home charger from ChargePoint will also get an early bird discount of $200, courtesy of Airbnb. It could be a helpful incentive since Level 2…

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