Square Enix will let Kingdom Hearts cook on Steam

Screenshot from Kingdom Hearts featuring Donald, Sora, and Goofy in Wonderland.
Image: Square Enix

I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately… like, should I go back and replay the Kingdom Hearts series or not? Fortunately, Square Enix has made this decision trivial with the announcement that it’s releasing the series on Steam on June 13th. To celebrate, and perhaps destabilize an entire generation of adults for whom the first Kingdom Hearts trailer was a transformative experience (aka, me), a trailer was released with a brand-new recording of Hikaru Utada’s “Simple and Clean.”

The trailer was executed very intelligently, showing snippets of the Kingdom Hearts games in chronological order, suggesting to potential customers (and reminding lapsed fans like me) in what order the games should be played. Steam will have three Kingdom…

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