Microsoft is in its AI PC era

A photo of the Surface Laptop, on top of a Vergecast illustration.
Image: Alex Parkin / The Verge

We’ve heard the story so many times, that this is the time that Windows on Arm will work and we’ll get a revolution in powerful, portable, long-lasting PCs. For a decade, the story has been fiction. This time, though… I don’t know. It sort of seems real.

On this episode of The Vergecast, Tom Warren joins from Seattle to tell us all about Microsoft’s latest event, what a Copilot Plus PC is, how the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop feel, why Recall could be the AI killer app Microsoft needs, and more. If Microsoft is right about how good the Qualcomm X chips are, this could be one of the biggest weeks in Windows history. Don’t forget to subscribe to Notepad!

After that, Kylie Robison comes on the show to talk about all things OpenAI….

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