Google’s Gemini video search makes factual error in demo

Google Gemini video search showing someone asking why a film camera lever isn’t moving all the way.

Google made a lot of noise about its Gemini AI taking over search at its I/O conference today, but one of its flashiest demos was once again marked by the ever-present fatal flaw of every large language model to date: confidently making up the wrong answer.

During a sizzle reel for “Search in the Gemini era,” Google demoed video search, which allows you to search by speaking over a video clip. The example is a video of a stuck film advance lever on a film camera with the query “why is the lever not moving all the way,” which Gemini recognizes and provides some suggestions to fix. Very impressive!

You know, just get in there and nudge the shutter a little bit.

The only problem is that the answers it comes up with…

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